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    10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Forex Trading

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    You've decided that Forex trading is for you, and you starting dabbling in the endeavor. However, you are quickly realizing that you need some tips to help you improve your financial outlook. How can you accomplish that goal? Read on to find out!   Time Differences Pay attention to time differences. Remember that if you submit information when it's late at night or early in the morning for the recipient, you might not hear back right away.   The Weekends The time difference rule is almost identical to this one. Forex gen... ( read more )

    March 5, 2013 - US Dollar Closes Lower on Taipei Forex

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      Review, Expectations and Other Info   Recently, the United States dollar closed lower on the Taipei Foreign Exchange. While this could be just another twist and turn in the financial market, there are potential portents that financial soothsayers could read into, if they chose to do so.   The Point of Forex   The way foreign exchange markets work is that brokers trade currency back and forth, hoping to capitalize on the changes in value that currencies have relative to one another. For instance, if a U... ( read more )

    The Minimalist Guide to Forex Training and Life.

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    As you were looking around for some investment and business opportunities, you came across the word "Forex." After reading a little bit about this opportunity, you've decided that it might be a worthwhile endeavor for you. Perhaps you're still unclear about some of the components though. No worries! No matter where you are in your learning process, it always benefits you to read up a little more. What do you need to know about this concept? Read on! What Is It? This question is an intelligent one to ask, and the answer will act as your spr... ( read more )

    Facing Bankruptcy? Get Ready For What’s To Come!

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    Bankruptcy has a long and storied history in American life. The bankruptcy court process has been the final destination for millions of businesses and individuals since the Revolutionary War. The option of declaring bankruptcy is a social signal that through misfortune, poor judgment or sheer ignorance, your financial life has spun out of control. In recent years, bankruptcy has been in the news more often than not, thanks to the residential real estate boom and crash.   After filing for bankruptcy, a black mark appears on your credi... ( read more )

    Advantages of Trading Forex Over Stocks and Commodities

    Forex Trading TV Blog
    A lot of money can be made in trading Forex. Over the last decade, trading in Forex has really taken off. Of course, a lot of people still trade in stocks, bonds, and commodities, but Forex is another great way to make solid returns. A lot of people have done well with Forex, this is one of the easiest ways for the little guy to make money. There are no insiders like there are with certain stocks. Here are five advantages of trading in Forex versus stocks and commodities.   High Liquidity Being very liquid is important for any asset... ( read more )

    August 22, 2012 - Forex Market Report 22 August

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    It was a tough start to the week for the British pound with a double dose of bad news taking its toll on GBP. The release of Public Sector Net borrowing figures indicated that the borrowing figure for July was up to £600m. While market analysts had predicted some over-spending to occur, it was not as high as this final figure which, while not having a immediately negative effect on GBP, did see the pound drop off steadily through the day, particularly against EUR. With the European Central Bank also seen to be putting a plan in place to drasti... ( read more )

    July 17, 2012 - IMF slashes UK economic growth forecast

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    International Monetary Fund downgrades its forecast for UK growth this year by more than any other developed nation.   The International Monetary Fund has downgraded its forecast for UK growth this year by more than any other developed nation and warned that the world economy is weakening.  The Washington-based organisation predicted on Monday that growth in the UK will all but evaporate in 2012 with a rise in GDP of just 0.2%, compared with a previous forecast of 0.8%.   The IMF said in its latest World Economic Outl... ( read more )

    July 16, 2012 - Forex Market Review – Monday 16 July

    Forex Trading TV Blog
    On Friday, GBP ended the week at its strongest against EUR since November ’08. Sterling saw a rise of 0.8% which was, in part, due to the Bank of England’s gamble in attempting to ease the UK’s credit conditions to help stimulate the limping economy – a roll of the dice that seems to have won a hand. The BoE’s new Funding for Lending program will see companies and households receive a credit boost of £80Bn, at least, via the UK’s high street banks who’ll now be able to lend somewhat more easily by being able to borrow from the Bo... ( read more )

    What Is The Role Of A Foreign Currency Broker?

    Sitting on a busy trading floor in one of the biggest banks in the City, the volume of noise usually gives away the fact something, somewhere significant might be happening in the world. Cries of buy or sell different currencies can be heard from the FX desk (this is always the noisiest desk on the floor). Foreign currency markets are very sensitive to world events.   However, these are the foreign exchange or FX traders in action. They do not operate in isolation and work through brokers. The brokers in turn act like middlemen or in... ( read more )

    June 28, 2012 - What the Euro Zone Crisis Means for Commodities

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    With Greece’s financial devastation (with a public debt of 166% of total GDP) followed by Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Ireland’s (with debts totaling over 100% of GDP), the European Union is on the brink of an economic collapse. While fiscal organizations have instituted bailouts and rescue packages, crisis has already hit the streets. Of course, with the collapse of standard currency, many are looking to their commodity investments for hope. But which investments will hold up come economic doomsday?   Your Best Commodity Bets ... ( read more )