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  • US Dollar Closes Lower on Taipei Forex

    Posted on: March 5th, 2013 by Guest Author No Comments
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    Review, Expectations and Other Info


    Recently, the United States dollar closed lower on the Taipei Foreign Exchange. While this could be just another twist and turn in the financial market, there are potential portents that financial soothsayers could read into, if they chose to do so.


    The Point of Forex


    The way foreign exchange markets work is that brokers trade currency back and forth, hoping to capitalize on the changes in value that currencies have relative to one another. For instance, if a United States broker wanted to make a profit, he could transfer U.S. dollars into Chinese currency. When the market shifts and the dollar loses value, he can shift the money back to dollars and receive more than he had started with.

    What It Can Mean

    While Forex is a market all on its own where investors can profit, there’s more to it than simple profit and loss. For instance, long term changes in worth of a currency can mean that the economy of a given country is slipping, or growing depending on if the currency is becoming less or more valuable in the markets. However, that is what long term changes can mean, as opposed to short term ones.

    Take the lower value of the dollar on the Taipei Forex market. On one hand this could represent the slipping of a global power as the U.S. economy stagnates and the value of the dollar continues to decline on the world stage. On the other hand, this could also be a temporary change because of factors such as nervousness over the sequester talks and upcoming budget slashing. The only way to tell which kind of change it represents is to wait and see how the trends continue.

    Worldwide Changes


    The Forex market alters based on what’s happening in a given country. Countries that are experiencing recessions, political turmoil, wars and dozens of other events can see the values of their currencies slipping based on the winds of change politically and socially. As new markets open up in a country and people keep making more money through many ways in addition to forex like signing online forums, providing financial service through ppi claims and so on, it takes up a bigger part of the world economy, thus increasing its financial worth. As to what the changes in the U.S. dollar could mean, it’s too soon to say. However, if the decline stays in place, it could lose its top spot.


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