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  • Why Variable Annuity May Not The Best Option For Retirees?

    Posted on: May 9th, 2012 by Guest Author No Comments
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    In case your variable annuities charges are 3 percent and the gross earnings for a year is 12 percent, you should be able to cap a rise in account value of 9 percent. However, if the gross earnings per annum is negative 12 percent for that similar account, you may cap a reduction in account value of 15 percent.


    If you are in this particular case, it’s best to play out year after a year, you would still generate losses even if the market did stay flat in the entire 2-year timeframe. Considering that we would be considering more long-term ranges for retirees, this article’s goal is not to give you warning about short-term deficits. But this will illustrate that it would take a lot bigger earnings to recover from deficits with variable annuities than many people think. Here are the main reasons why variable annuities may not be the best option for retirees.


    Variable Annuities are Susceptible to Market Losses

    Any kind of vehicle that is at the mercy of stock market losses is a risky pursuit for any retiree. In case your objective is to grow as well as to preserve, there are actually reliable (even, guaranteed income) vehicles on the market to accomplish this objective. Variable annuities, in short, risk far too much.


    Endless Yearly Charges of Not Lower Than 3%

    With fees such as that, it would take much bigger earnings in order to get an account back to it’s past level after a loss is suffered. Which means that a basic 5 percent reduction in the market along with 3 or 4 percent yearly charges makes it necessary that a market gain of 13 percent must take place in order to proper your ship. Once again, it is just too risky.


    It’s best for you to consult annuity experts prior to deciding to purchase a variable annuity. These experts will be able to answer your queries and make it easier for you to choose a vehicle that matches your retirement income targets. There are a lot of annuity experts that offer their consultation services for free. Seeking an advice from an expert may be the wisest financial decision you will ever make for you and your loved ones.


    A lot of variable annuities are being sold at this time. In fact, there are $141Billion worth of variable annuities sold this year alone. So say the least, this is frustrating because this means that there are many false information out there, which needs to be corrected. Call an expert now and schedule a free appointment to understand everything about variable annuities and to find out which plan is best for retirees.


    There are many good reasons why retirees should choose an appropriate vehicle. This vehicle should be able to provide no risk to market deficits but still let the retirees’ engagement in market earnings. Some of the options may even provide the chance for ever increasing gains for life.


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